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FlatFire Specs

301 cubic inch Vortech supercharged 1946 Ford flathead block
Bore 3.307 inches, stroke 3.750-inch
Vortech V-1 T-Trim H. D. supercharger
Dli reversed intake and exhaust ports
Ross domed forged 6.8:1 aluminum pistons
Crower steel billet rods
Manley 2.02-inch titanium valves
K-motion valve springs, 295 lbs open, 165 lbs. Closed
Crower “inverse radius” roller cams
Moldex billet 4.375 inch stroker crankshaft
Tony Barron finned aluminum heads
Motec M48 digital fuel injection
Motec CDI8 ignition computer
Motec ADL (advanced data logger)
Individual Cobra R coil per cylinder
MSD 96 pounds per hour injectors
Two spark plugs per cylinder
Avaid dry-sump 70-psi oil system 
Drive Train:
Jerico air shifted 5-speed transmission
Tilton triple-disc racing clutch
Speedway Engineering mini-quick change rear end with rifle drilled axels
Carbon Fiber body designed by Aerosmith Engineering
Rich Manched chrome molly tubing chassis with custom designed tandem front steering
Length: 26 feet 4 inches, Height: 3 feet 2 inches, Width 3 feet 8 inches
Goodyear Bonneville racing tires
GVW: 3,100 pounds