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Flatfire Racing Team


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The death of the Ford flathead V-8
has been greatly exaggerated.
Flatfire and Ron Main

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The Vortech Millennium Ford Flathead V-8 Engine

Ron Main Owner/Driver

Engine Specifications

Block: Ford 1946 59a V-8 Bore: 3.307 Stroke 4.375

Cubic Inches: 301 Horsepower: 653

Mission Possible

Bringing the first mass-produced v-8 Ford flathead into the 21st century with a near 300 mph Bonneville land speed record.

The Millennium Engine:

The revolutionary DLI reversed port Vortech supercharged millennium engine began with a 1946 stock Ford block. DLI reversed the intake and exhaust ports and increased the displacement from 239 to 301 cubic inches.

Other modifications include: Bruce Crower "inverse radius" roller cams, Moldex Billet crank, Ross domed forged aluminum pistons, Manley titanium valves, Accel digital fuel injection-computer controlled with MSD fuel injection, programmable and EFI coupled, Vortech crank driven T-trim blower with 16 pounds of boost, Tony Barron finned aluminum heads, duel Mallory super Magnetos with two spark plugs per cylinder.

The Death Of The Ford Flathead V-8 Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Ford’s fabulous flathead was declared dead 45 years ago, a victim of the overhead valve revolution. The declaration of its demise may have been premature. Flatfire’s first test runs at Bonneville this year with only 50% boost, the car easily reached speeds in excess of 240 mile per hour. The stearing is being adjusted for better handling for Flatfire’s land speed record attempt in 2000.

Flatheads Forever

Flatfire and the [Vortech millennium Ford v-8 Ford flathead] engine has set as it goal a new land speed record of 300 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats next year. The Ford Vortech powered car will be setting new land speed records in the year 2000.

The dedication, talent and creativity of these uncommonly gifted people put together our latest effort to bring Ford's first Flathead V-8 into the Twenty-First Century with a Bonneville Land Speed Record Run for the new millennium.

Dick & Mike Landy & D. L. I. Industries * Jim Middlebrook & Vortech Engineering

Ernie Cross & Auto Marine Machine * Tom Patterson Engineering * Bruce Crower & Crower Motorsports

Rich Manchen Welding * Bobby Walden & Walden Speed Shop * Jerico Transmissions

Baron Racing Heads * ZMax Micro Lubricants * Duttweiler Performance * Aviaid Competition Oil Systems

Paul Green & Rebar Machine Service * Rewarder Custom Headers, Inc * Ross Racing Pistons

ERC Racing Fuels * Abstract Fiberglass * Winners Circle Kustom Paint

. . . and especially my teen angel, Vanessa, for making my life wonderful

Flatfire Team & Ron Main (818) 998-7848 Fax (818) 998-0906
Email: flatfire@flatfire.com

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